Yilun Chen

Yilun (Allen) Chen

ECE 3005 GTA
BS/MS Student
Graduating Spring, 2022

Yilun Chen, or simply Allen, is a first-year MS student in ECE. He has worked with the Robotarium building robots, interned for Uber ATG where he built self-driving cars, and DRW Holdings where he built data infrastructure software for proprietary trading. In his free time, you can find Allen listening to audio books, playing computer games, building (and never finishing) a lot of personal projects, breaking and reassembling all kinds of electronics, and trading stocks. Allen takes all responsibilities seriously, and he expects the same from his students! He plans to leverage his professional experiences to hold in-depth consultations with students about career advice, resume writing, presentation skills and technical writing skills, and ultimately help everyone gain a head start in his/her/their careers, no matter in industry or in academia. He’ll commit 100% of his energy to make sure everyone walks out of this class feeling more confident communicating in a professional environment through all mediums.