UPCP Course Roadmap

The UPCP provides embedded engineering communication instruction throughout the ECE undergraduate curriculum, beginning in the first year. Senior Design is the final culmination in the development of engineering communicators. Our instructional approach relies on scaffolding technical writing and presentation experiences, increasing in difficultly and autonomy as our students grow in their communications skillset.

Sophomore Year: Digital Design Laboratory/ECE 2871
Digital Design Laboratory: Introduction to Technical Communication in Engineering

Engineering communication is integrated into this semester-long series of hands-on laboratory exercises through lab summaries, project proposals, team design reports, and presentations. Students apply the engineering design process to communication by focusing on the needs of their users and then appropriately summarizing, organizing, and presenting the information.



ECE 2871: Foundations in Professional Communication

Students will develop a foundation in professional communication as they practice and refine effective strategies for professionalism in the digital age while navigating the early career planning process. Students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to understand and articulate who they are as emerging young professionals through personal marketing techniques and tools.

As part of this course, students will…

· assess and communicate their skills, interests, and the value they bring to organizations, teams, extracurriculars, etc.

· explore relevant career options and build a roadmap to develop the skills necessary for their desired professional path.

· navigate the co-op and internship process at Georgia Tech, from recruitment to conducting an effective co-op/internship term.

· conduct themselves professionally in various settings with a special focus on best practices for digital communications.


Junior Year: UPCP Communication Courses
Advanced professional and technical communication instruction.

ECE students are required to complete stand alone professional and technical communications course at the junior-level. This course is a prerequisite for Senior Design. Students have two options for satisfying the junior-level communications course requirement; (1) ECE 3005, a traditional in-class learning option, or (2) ECE 3005 CIR, an out-of-classroom option for students participating in approved co-curricular.


ECE 3005 ECE 3005 CIR
Instruction Classroom. Highly interactive, workshop-style learning environment. Structured schedule with hard deadlines to ensure that students complete all requirements within one semester. Individual consultations with the instructor outside of class. Online hybrid. Semi-flexible self-paced learning environment. Some hard deadlines to facilitate student progress and success. Individual consultations with the instructor required.
Credit 1-credit hour, pass/fail course. Register through OSCAR. 1-credit hour, pass/fail course. Register in OSCAR by permit during Phase I or Phase II registration for the upcoming semester. You must meet with Anna Holcomb to confirm your eligibility and receive the permit to register.
Expectations Attendance and active participation at all weekly meetings are expected. Only 2 absences (or late arrivals) allowed. Students work independently and must be adept in a self-guided, online environment with minimal supervision. Inactive students who miss deadlines and fail to make progress will receive a grade of “U” on their transcript.
Workload Students produce a comprehensive career portfolio, a proposal/workplan, a 5-to 7-page document, and a 10-minute presentation. Students have the freedom to choose the content, format, and end-user for the document and presentation. Required individual consultations. Students produce a comprehensive career portfolio, a proposal/workplan, a 5- to 7-page document, and a 10-minute presentation. The content, format, and end-user for the document and presentation are directly tied to the student’s co-curricular. Required individual consultations.


Students must receive credit for ECE 2031 before they are eligible for ECE 3005 or ECE 3005 CIR. Only students that completed ECE 2031 at the main campus or GT-Lorraine are eligible for the out-of-classroom option. Students can enroll for ECE 3005 (in-classroom option) on OSCAR.

Sign-ups for ECE 3005 CIR (out-of-classroom option) are facilitated by the UPCP faculty member, Anna Holcomb. For more information on enrollment opportunities, eligibility requirements, and the sign-up process, students must view the video below:
ECE 3005 Virtual Info Session


Senior Year: Senior Design
Students are required to take ECE 4011 and ECE 4012, which constitute a two semester culminating design sequence to satisfy the major design requirement for EE and CmpE majors. ECE 3005 or 3005 CIR is a prerequisite to the Senior Design sequence.
ECE 4011: ECE Culminating Design Project I

First semester of ECE culminating design sequence. Design tools, financial principles, project management, probabilistic and statistical techniques, team forming. Requires formal reports and group presentations.

ECE 4012: ECE Culminating Design Project II

Second semester of ECE culminating design sequence. Team project in ECE incorporating engineering standards and realistic constraints. Requires formal reports and group presentations.

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Graduate Course: Graduate Teaching Practicum
More details coming soon.