Tony Wang

Position: ECE 3005 GTA
Degree Program (BS/MS, PhD, etc.): PhD
Expected Graduation: Semester, Year

Tony Wang is a 1st year ECE PhD student studying microbotics for biomedical applications. In the future, he aspires to help advance microbots towards becoming fully autonomous at detecting and destroying cancer cells before they metastasize in the human body. He obtained his B.S. in materials science and engineering with a minor in electrical engineering and computer sciences at UC Berkeley. As someone who has spent nearly all his life in the Bay Area, he enjoys visiting San Francisco from time to time with his friends for hiking, exploring (picture is at Nara Park, Japan!), and eating. In his free time, he plays Super Smash Bros Ultimate (not competitively), Ping Pong, and board games with friends, watches movies, and shops for groceries to get those sweet discounts. As a GTA, Tony wants his students to develop and hone their interpersonal skills so that they can work effectively as a team. Consequently, he believes that engineers should have “engine ears” because listening is the key to strong communication.