Hiba Murali

ECE 3005 GTA
Degree Program (BS/MS, PhD, etc.):
Expected Graduation: Semester, Year

Hiba Murali is a 2nd year Master’s student in ECE, specializing in VLSI and semiconductors, who was born and raised in a small town in Mississippi. She survived getting an undergrad degree in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech and decided to stick around for more. In her (very little) free time, Hiba tends to voraciously consume fantasy and science fiction novels. On weekends, she will often be baking or trying to recreate dishes she’s had at restaurants, with varying success. After graduating (again), she’ll be heading to Texas to begin working as a Product Manager at Silicon Labs, a role that involves tasks on both sides of the engineering vs. business divide. As someone who regularly has to explain complicated concepts to people with little background knowledge in the area, Hiba firmly believes that effective communication is critical for engineers wishing to be successful in their careers. Her teaching style, although somewhat Socratic, is patient and adaptable to individual needs. She believes in empowering students to think critically about the challenges they face and strives to be approachable and empathetic, both in and out of the classroom.